Jay Berry’s Cafe


Corned Beef Hash: Canned, salty, Crispy
Rest of the food: Meh

Coffee: Meh

Location: Between Issaquah and Renton

Service: Good

Corned beef Price: $11.50

Coffee Price: $2.25

Other notables: Once a gas station now a restaurant tucked in a back road.

The food is your average greasy spoon fare. Come for the nice drive and the nice restaurant but keep your expectations low as far as the food.




Local 907, Renton


Corned Beef Hash:  Very good, large Chunks of beef and no shortage of onion julienne. A little greasy. They were out of red peppers when I went but it was still very good. Served with fries, also good.
Rest of the food:  Very good
Coffee:  Don’t know but the hard cider was good
Location:  downtown Renton
Service:  good
Corned beef Price: $9.99
Coffee Price: N/A
Other notables:
Local watering hole I have frequented in the past filled with the local Boeing and PACCAR working stock. The beer selection is excellent and the happy hour food really is good. Try the wings if you’re too late for breakfast.