Jake’s Cafe, Snohomish


Corned Beef Hash:  Canned
Rest of the food:  Good, scrambled eggs were done well, hash browns crispy.
Coffee:  Meh
Location:  2nd Street in Snohomish
Service:  Super friendly
Corned beef Price: $11.50
Coffee Price: $2.50
Other notables:
Old school 50’s style diner with the décor to match. Free chocolate chip cookies on the counter. I would not have the CBC again but I would not hesitate to return.



Cabbage Patch Restaurant

Corned Beef Hash: Fine shredded corned beef with large chunks of potato and onion. Very well seasoned

Rest of the food: Good

Coffee: Meh

Location: Victorian house in down town Snohomish

Service: Very good

Corned beef Price: $14.99

Coffee Price: $2.29

Other notables: Decorated with antiques and stained glass, this quaint and  pleasant Victorian home turned restaurant has a nice staff. Best breakfast I have had in Snohomish.