Issaquah Cafe

Corned Beef Hash: Very good, House made

Rest of the food: Good

Coffee: Good, they usually ask if you’d like one to go

Location: Issaquah

Service: good, fast, friendly

Corned beef Price: $13.50

Coffee Price: $2.60

Above average in every way, good coffee, good service and good hash. Issaquah Cafe is part of a regional chain including the Village Square Cafe in Redmond, Woodinville Cafe, Saw Mill Cafe in Mill Creek, Mukilteo Speedway Cafe and Crystal Creek Cafe in Bothell. Each Cafe has a different theme including, Salmon (Issaquah), trains (Woodinville), ferry (Mukilteo), Aviation (Bothell), Canoe (Sammamish), Bicycles (Redmond) and saw mill (Mill Creek).

The food is the same at each of the restaurants but the experience is different due to the well thought out decor.



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