Maltby Cafe

Corned Beef Hash: Fine shreds of beef and potatoes served like a pancake. Well seasoned
Rest of the food: Excellent.
Coffee: High meh, nothing special but better than average
Location: Maltby Washington, just east of Woodinville off SR522
Service: Very good and friendly
Corned beef Price: No idea, they didn’t itemize
Coffee Price:  Also no idea, still didn’t itemize
Other notables: House made everything, bread, sausage, cinnamon roll, jam etc. Everyone orders a cinnamon roll (with good reason) to share but I recommend the scone (also to share). Both are as big as your head.

Once you get to the restaurant itself, it can be difficult for first timers to find the enterance unless someone is coming out as you are entering. It is not the front of the building up the stairs but rather on the side of the building in the basement.

If you are going on the weekend, I highly recommend getting there as they open at 7:00 a.m., any latter and you will be waiting an untold amount of time for a table.

In all, it is well worth a nice Sunday drive out to Maltby cafe.



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