Twede’s Cafe/RR2go (AKA: Double R Diner)


Corned Beef Hash: Canned

Rest of the food: N/A, I just had a side of hash

Coffee: A damn fine cup of coffee

Location: North bend

Service: Great

Corned beef Price: $5.99

Coffee Price: $2.25 I think. I could not read the hand writing.

Other notables: Restaurant from TV’s twin peaks redone to its former T.V. glory.

(Click) Diane, 08:46 AM, April 15, 2017. Entering the town of North Bend. 28 miles east of Seattle and 132 miles south of the Canadian border. 52°F on an overcast day, said rain. Mileage is 289,375 and the fuel gauge is on full. Looks like I’ll be meeting up for breakfast with a …ah… Dave. Looking forward to a bite to eat and a cup coffee at the Double R Diner. (Click)

(Click) Diane, 09:07 AM. At the Double R Diner now with a damn fine cup of coffee and some sub-par Corned Beef Hash clearly from a can. We will see how the cherry pie is at a later date. The restaurant has changed in the last few years. Once decorated entirely with ‘Twede bird’ from the cartoons of yesteryear, you know the one “I tought I taw a puddy cat”, it seems to have been restored to its former glory and the one I recall from when I first came here in on April 8, 1990. The staff is just as friendly and the clientele seem to all be excited to be there, taking pictures of any and all details in the restaurant. I will return but not for the corned beef. (Click)


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