Rainbow Cafe

Corned Beef Hash: meh. Fine shredded beef, chunks potatoes, appears to be made in house but with no discernible seasoning, no onions or peppers, just beef and potatoes, it is bland and uninspired. Not bad just not very good.

Rest of the food: meh, typical diner fare.

Coffee: meh

Location: Downtown Auburn

Service: Good, very friendly and personable.

Corned beef Price: $10.59

Coffee Price: $2

Other notables:

Main business seems to be a bar. Regulars drinking and cussing loud at bar at 8:00 am. TV and Juke box going.

Diner food with a dive bar vibe. It does look to have a second entrance which looks to be more restaurant than bar that I did not see when coming in. Nothing would keep me from going back but it was nothing special. rainbow cafe


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