Oddfellows Pub

Corned Beef Hash:  Good, house made, 1cm cubes of potatoes and beef with onion. Basic but tasty.
Rest of the food:  Good
Coffee:  Meh
Location:  Auburn, Wa
Service:  Friendly
Corned beef Price: $12.99
Coffee Price: $2.49
Other notables:
This is a bar and has fairly loud music even in the morning with no one else there.

While good, one of the best breakfast places around is just across the street so really the only reason you would come here instead of the sun break café (other than they don’t have CBH) is that you don’t want to wait an hour to get in.

That being said, it was very good hash and as long as you don’t mind sitting in a sports bar to have breakfast (don’t come here to get over your hangover), they do make a very good breakfast.


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