The Kettle

Corned Beef Hash: House made, strips of beef, strips and cubes of potato

Rest of the food: Good

Coffee: OK

Location: Enumclaw, WA

Service: Good

Corned Beef Price: ~$11.00

Coffee Price: ~$2.00

Other notables: Prior to the meal, they brought a large, very good blueberry muffin.

They were very fast to take the order and bring the food.

Huge portion/get the half order!

My expectations were low when I walked into this restaurant. I expected the typical greasy spoon fare with half heartedly prepared corned beef from a can but was pleasantly surprised when, after ordering, there was a house made blueberry muffin delivered. Before finishing my first cup of average but adequate coffee and the excellent muffin, a large mound of house made corned beef has was delivered.


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