Corned Beef Hash: Very good
Rest of the food: good
Coffee: OK
Location: Pike Place Market, Seattle
Service: Depends (Explanation below)
Corned beef Price: $16.50 (pretty high)
Coffee Price: $2.95
Other notables: Get here early. Not only is the restaurant busy but Pike Place is a zoo after 8:00 AM.

This is one of my favorite breakfast spots though I rarely get here due to it being in Seattle. If you have never been to Seattle, I’ll give a brief description of the troubles. Seattle is a very walk-able city which is great….if you’re walking. If you have to drive in Seattle (and many other urban areas), people seem to believe they don’t have to watch for traffic so keep your eyes open for rouge pedestrians or idiots.

Most of the streets downtown are one way so make sure you check before turning onto a street. Parking can also be a challenge thanks to steep and crowded streets. If I can’t get to Pike Place Market before 6:30 AM, I won’t go.

The restaurant, Lowell’s, is located in the market itself and opens at 7:00 AM. Walk by all the vendors setting up their fish, vegetables and flowers and look for the Lowell’s neon sign in the middle of the commotion.

3rd floor seating

When you go in, you will need to make a choice. Do you want to be served at the table like a typical restaurant or you can order at the counter and they will bring you your food either on the first or third floor. If you order at the counter, the coffee and silverware are self-serve on the floor you choose. I prefer ordering at the counter and heading up to the third floor to hopefully get a window seat and one of the best views in Seattle of the pier and the Puget Sound.

Eating on the second floor, you do have regular service by a waiter and they do a good job but I highly recommend you forgo the table service for the superior view on the third floor.

The price is high for the Corned Beef Hash but it is good and frankly, you’re paying for the location and atmosphere as much as you are paying for the food.

The hash is better than average. It is house made with thin slices of potato, onion and good sized chunks of well-seasoned corned beef.

If you were going to visit one place for breakfast while in Seattle, make Lowell’s it.

Shot of the Puget sound from the 3rd floor.

P.S. After breakfast, visit the Crumpet Shop and treat yourself to a lemon curd & ricotta crumpet.


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