The Buttered Buiscuit



Corned Beef Hash:  Very good. At first glance, it looked like it may have come from a can but once tasted it was clear that it was made fresh. With shredded corned beef and potatoes that were almost mashed with slices of green peppers.
Rest of the food:  Great! Excellent cornbread and some of the best grits I’ve had. Their “spuds” were thin sliced potatoes (think potato chips) with onions, very good. Scrambled eggs were over cooked but still edible.
Coffee:  Good
Location:  Sumner, Wa
Service:  Very friendly staff
Corned beef Price: $12.99
Coffee Price: $2.99
Other notables:
Located in the bottom floor of the building. While the building is a loud orange color, there is very little signage and it is tucked away behind main street. With the exposed beams and bricks, it’s a cozy but modern feel.

Side note: The side of grits (which was a huge bowl and some of the best I’ve ever had) were cheaper than the coffee. Not a bad thing just struck me as odd.

buttered biscuit (2)


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