Brass Tacks

Corned Beef Hash:  Very good, crispy beef and diced potatoes
Rest of the food:  Very good
Coffee:  Irish coffee was good but not $9 good
Location:  Georgetown (South Seattle)
Service:  Good, friendly but  un-attentive
Corned beef Price: $14
Coffee Price: $9 (Irish coffee)
Other notables:
Located in an old building in down town Georgetown, it has been revamped and looks good inside and out. While it does have a hipster feel to the place (most places in Georgetown do now), it did not feel pretentious or unwelcoming.

The CBH was simple but very good. The potatoes were diced small and the beef shredded before being pan-fried and crispy, 2 eggs were served on top.

The others in my group ordered biscuits & gravy and the French toast special with caramel sauce both of which I am told were excellent.

Food came out fast and the service was friendly if not attentive.

I would like to come back to try their lunch or dinner menus.

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