Mecca Cafe, Queen Anne


Corned Beef Hash: very good, finely chopped beef in hash browns, few peppers and onion
Rest of the food:  good
Coffee:  meh
Location:  Queen Anne
Service:  friendly but slow
Corned beef Price: $10.99
Coffee Price: $2.49
Other notables: Cool old school dinner in the heart of old Town queen Anne next to Dick’s burgers.




Corned Beef Hash:  N/A
Rest of the food:  good
Coffee:  good
Location:  Georgetown neighborhood of Seattle
Service:  good
Corned beef Price: N/A 
Coffee Price: $2.50
Other notables:

Cool old Brick building in an industrial area of Georgetown next to an old morgue.
Interior is modern with old art deco decor





Brick & Mortar Cafe, Albany Oregon


Maker:L,Date:2017-8-28,Ver:5,Lens:Kan03,Act:Kan02,E-YCorned Beef Hash:  Very good. Chunks of beef, onion, red and green peppers and well seasoned.
Rest of the food: Excellent
Coffee:  Excellent, Sisters coffee roaster
Location:  Albany, Or
Service:  Good, very friendly, slow food but worth the wait.
Corned beef Price: $11.95
Coffee Price: $2.50
Other notables: Nicely decorated, upscale breakfast/brunch. Everything appears to be regionally sourced from the coffee to the baked goods. Come early as it does get busy for brunch.




Jake’s Cafe, Snohomish


Corned Beef Hash:  Canned
Rest of the food:  Good, scrambled eggs were done well, hash browns crispy.
Coffee:  Meh
Location:  2nd Street in Snohomish
Service:  Super friendly
Corned beef Price: $11.50
Coffee Price: $2.50
Other notables:
Old school 50’s style diner with the décor to match. Free chocolate chip cookies on the counter. I would not have the CBC again but I would not hesitate to return.


Oddfellows Pub

Corned Beef Hash:  Good, house made, 1cm cubes of potatoes and beef with onion. Basic but tasty.
Rest of the food:  Good
Coffee:  Meh
Location:  Auburn, Wa
Service:  Friendly
Corned beef Price: $12.99
Coffee Price: $2.49
Other notables:
This is a bar and has fairly loud music even in the morning with no one else there.

While good, one of the best breakfast places around is just across the street so really the only reason you would come here instead of the sun break café (other than they don’t have CBH) is that you don’t want to wait an hour to get in.

That being said, it was very good hash and as long as you don’t mind sitting in a sports bar to have breakfast (don’t come here to get over your hangover), they do make a very good breakfast.

Terry’s Kitchen

Corned Beef Hash:  Good. Large chunks of potatoes and beef (1″), peppers and onions in a hot cast iron skillet, eggs on top and cooked well.
Rest of the food:  Good
Coffee: Good
Location:  Newport neighborhood in South Bellevue
Service:  Ok though I never got a fill up of my coffee.
Corned beef Price: 13.95
Coffee Price: 2.50
Other notables:
Located in a small strip mall, the restaurant itself is really well done inside and out and feels a little out-of-place in the neighborhood though it is a welcome sight as there is not much else here for casual breakfast dining.


Luna Park Cafe

Corned Beef Hash:  N/A, Had the S.O.S. (French bread topped with chopped roast beef and sausage gravy)
Rest of the food:  Ok
Coffee:  Good
Location:  Alki
Service:  good
Corned beef Price: n/a
Coffee Price: $2.49
Other notables:
Themed after the Luna park amusement park from 1909, this 1950’s style diner with decor to match the era. The walls and floors were crowded with nostalgic decoration. While the food was typical greasy spoon fare, it was a fun restaurant to visit just don’t expect anything special from the food.

The Hangar Cafe

Corned Beef Hash:  No corned beef available but the roast beef crepes were excellent.
Rest of the food:  Very good
Coffee:  Good
Location:  Georgetown
Service:  Very friendly
Corned beef Main course Price: $11.75
Coffee Price: $2.50
Other notables:

Located in an old house near Seattle neighborhood of Georgetown, this eclectically decorated Café specializes in crepes and waffles. It seems to serve the typical Georgetown hipster clientele so don’t forget your ironic beard and flannels because it is worth the visit to this 10 table living room restaurant.


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Brass Tacks

Corned Beef Hash:  Very good, crispy beef and diced potatoes
Rest of the food:  Very good
Coffee:  Irish coffee was good but not $9 good
Location:  Georgetown (South Seattle)
Service:  Good, friendly but  un-attentive
Corned beef Price: $14
Coffee Price: $9 (Irish coffee)
Other notables:
Located in an old building in down town Georgetown, it has been revamped and looks good inside and out. While it does have a hipster feel to the place (most places in Georgetown do now), it did not feel pretentious or unwelcoming.

The CBH was simple but very good. The potatoes were diced small and the beef shredded before being pan-fried and crispy, 2 eggs were served on top.

The others in my group ordered biscuits & gravy and the French toast special with caramel sauce both of which I am told were excellent.

Food came out fast and the service was friendly if not attentive.

I would like to come back to try their lunch or dinner menus.

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