The Buttered Buiscuit



Corned Beef Hash:  Very good. At first glance, it looked like it may have come from a can but once tasted it was clear that it was made fresh. With shredded corned beef and potatoes that were almost mashed with slices of green peppers.
Rest of the food:  Great! Excellent cornbread and some of the best grits I’ve had. Their “spuds” were thin sliced potatoes (think potato chips) with onions, very good. Scrambled eggs were over cooked but still edible.
Coffee:  Good
Location:  Sumner, Wa
Service:  Very friendly staff
Corned beef Price: $12.99
Coffee Price: $2.99
Other notables:
Located in the bottom floor of the building. While the building is a loud orange color, there is very little signage and it is tucked away behind main street. With the exposed beams and bricks, it’s a cozy but modern feel.

Side note: The side of grits (which was a huge bowl and some of the best I’ve ever had) were cheaper than the coffee. Not a bad thing just struck me as odd.

buttered biscuit (2)


Devoted Kiss Cafe

Corned Beef Hash:  Very good. With diced potatoes (think O’Brien sized) and beef that are well seasoned. Eggs served on top and a drizzle of whole grain mustard sour cream that worked really well with the dish.
Rest of the food:  N/A
Coffee:  Very good, from cutters point coffee also located in town.
Location:  Gig Harbor, Wa
Service:  Very friendly, they would sing occasionally to songs in the background. Seems like they genuinely enjoyed working there.
Corned beef Price: $11.45
Coffee Price: $1.95
Other notables:
With a great view of the harbor, this was one of my favorites in recent memory and for a very reasonable price both for the hash and the coffee.

Biscuits Cafe

Corned Beef Hash:  Ok. It is house made but it was all beef and no hash with a few onions. Picture corned beef without the cabbage on St. Patties day. Not bad just boring.
Rest of the food: Good
Coffee:  Meh
Location:  Federal way
Service:  good, friendly
Corned beef Price: $13.00
Coffee Price: $3.00
Other notables:
Typical strip mall cafe. Nothing special about the location or the interior of the restaurant but nothing wrong with it either.

I did not realize it at the time but this is one of 21 location across the western states. While there is nothing wrong with a chain restaraunt, this was pretty expensive for a chain.

biscuits Cafe.jpg

Sara’s Coffee Shop

Corned Beef Hash:  Canned
Rest of the food:  Meh, the hash browns are good however
Coffee:  Meh. despite the name of this place, don’t come here just for the coffee.
Location:  Kent
Service:  Meh
Corned beef Price: $7.65
Coffee Price: $2.10
Other notables:
Looks like it was built in the 70’s and hasn’t been updated since, other than the microwave.

If you’re missing the diner you used to go to with grandpa where the waitress is a little too friendly to him and the locals can’t get a sentence out without an expletive or two, this is the place for you.

Just set your expectations low and you will love it here.


Poverty Bay Coffee and Cafe

Corned Beef Hash:  Very good. Large chunks of potato. Onion, pepper and mushrooms diced, spinach with cheddar and thin sliced corned beef. Too much to eat.
Rest of the food:  Good
Coffee:  Excellent (it is a roaster first and a restaurant second)
Location:  Federal way
Service:  Order at counter and service to table but the staff is very friendly.
Corned beef Price: $10.95
Coffee Price: $2.00
Other notables: Located in a small strip mall behind a strip mall but they managed to make it feel cozy and welcoming. If you are into coffee, $11.55 per lb for whole bean coffee is a great price and excellent quality.


Blue Star Cafe

Corned Beef Hash:  Very good, mostly beef, some diced onions and potatoes, well seasoned
Rest of the food: Very good (try the scone).
Coffee:  Good
Location:  Wallingford neighborhood of Seattle.
Service:  Excellent
Corned beef Price: $13.75
Coffee Price: $2.75
Other notables:
Located in an old building in the Wallingford neighborhood of Seattle. Unique diner in a unique area of Seattle.


Lost Lake Cafe

Corned Beef Hash:  Good, house made. Chunks of corned beef, hash brown style potatoes and diced peppers and onions.
Rest of the food: Very good
Coffee:  Good, Vita coffee served (the roaster is across the street so they should have some good coffee).
Location:  Capital Hill neighborhood of Seattle.
Service:  Very friendly one day and kind of jerks the next.
Corned beef Price: $14.00
Coffee Price: $3.50
Other notables:
In an eclectic neighborhood in Seattle, this old school type dinner has some more upscale food. $14.00 for corned beef hash and $3.50 is on the high side though all the ingredients seem to be high quality and I will gladly pay $3.50 for good coffee considering how much of it I drink in one sitting.

This is one of the few restaurants that I know of in the area that is not a chain and is open 24/7/365.


Village Street Cafe

Corned Beef Hash:  Not Available
Rest of the food:  Good
Coffee:  Meh
Location:  Mill Creek country village
Service:  Good
Corned beef Price: N/A
Coffee Price: $1.99
Other notables:
Located in an old shopping center named the “Country Village”.
While the restaurant did not have corned beef, the food was fine. Nothing special but good, typical diner fare. Depending on the time of day you visit, after breakfast, checkout some of the 45 other shops and eateries in the shopping center.
The diner does advertise that it is open during the holidays as well.


Rusty Pelican Cafe

Corned Beef Hash:  Basic but good. Diced Bell peppers, onion and corned beef mixed with shredded potatoes.

Rest of the food:  Excellent, really good potatoes, scrambled eggs very well done.

Coffee:  Very good and served with real cream.

Location:  Mill Creek

Service:  Excellent

Corned beef Price: $13.45

Coffee Price: $3.45

Other notables: Upscale cafe located in the corner of a shopping center. Unassuming location and building with better than expected food.

rusty pelican