Stonehouse Cafe

Corned Beef Hash:  Very good. Cubes of beef and potato, diced peppers and onions.

Rest of the food:  very good

Coffee:  good

Location:  South Seattle on lake Washington

Service:  Excellent

Corned beef Price:  $14

Coffee Price: $2.00

Other notables: Beautiful view of Lake Washington from the outdoor eating area. Located on a busy road but still very pleasant and very nice interior. There is a small bakery located in the same building which is a 1920’s gas station.


Maggie’s on Meeker

Corned Beef Hash:  Good. The corned beef hash is house made with lots of beef, onions, peppers and potatoes. Would have liked it to be more crispy however, it was oddly wet, almost like the whole thing was steamed for some reason.

Rest of the food:  Ok though the scrambled eggs were cooked perfectly (to my taste).

Coffee:  Meh

Location:  Downtown Kent

Service:  Very friendly

Corned beef Price: $11.79

Coffee Price: $2.29

Other notables: A typical greasy spoon that looks like it was last updated in the 70’s. They had 2 different corned beef meals on the menu. One, traditional and the other house made. I assume that the traditional would be from a can. 


Horseshoe Cafe

Corned Beef Hash:  Diced corned beef, red bell peppers and onion with cheddar cheese served inside hash browns like an omelet.

Rest of the food:  Good

Coffee:  Good

Location:  Downtown Bellingham

Service:  Good

Corned Beef Price: $9.95

Coffee Price: $2.25

Other notables: This is billed as the oldest restaurant in Washington state. While it may have been the oldest restaurant, it has moved several times since it was opened and has clearly been updated several times though it may have been 30 years since the last time. That being said, the corned beef and rest of the food is good and is worth a visit if in the neighborhood, just don’t expect ambiance. horseshoe cafe

Square Knot Diner

Corned Beef Hash:  Very good. Basic, house made corned beef, caramelized onions, and crispy shredded potatoes. Would order again.

Rest of the food:  Good

Coffee:  Meh

Location:  Georgetown, South Seattle

Service:  Good and friendly

Corned Beef Price: $12.95

Coffee Price: $2.50

Other notables:
Old school dinner in the middle of an old school working class town. If you’re looking to get a feel for a Seattle of a bygone era, this is the neighborhood and restaurant for you. Filled with working class locals that are friendly and pay for each others meals without the other knowing.

Down to earth people and excellent food.Maker:L,Date:2017-8-28,Ver:5,Lens:Kan03,Act:Kan02,E-ve

Cabbage Patch Restaurant

Corned Beef Hash: Fine shredded corned beef with large chunks of potato and onion. Very well seasoned

Rest of the food: Good

Coffee: Meh

Location: Victorian house in down town Snohomish

Service: Very good

Corned beef Price: $14.99

Coffee Price: $2.29

Other notables: Decorated with antiques and stained glass, this quaint and  pleasant Victorian home turned restaurant has a nice staff. Best breakfast I have had in Snohomish.


Carnation Cafe

Corned Beef Hash: Very good, house made with large chunks of beef and potatoes and lightly seasoned.

Rest of the food: Average eggs and toast but good.

Coffee: meh

Location: downtown Carnation Washington

Service: Good

Corned beef Price: $11.99

Coffee Price: $2.75

Other notables: Located in quaint, downtown Carnation Washington, this was an unexpectedly good restaurant. Not exceptional but worth the drive. Carnation cafe

Pacific Southern




Corned Beef Hash: Very good. Diced corned beef, potatoes and onion. Well season and decent portion.

Rest of the food: very good. Chicken and waffles were excellent, some of the best fried chicken I have had. Very good savory grits and one of the few places in the PNW where you can find them.

Coffee: meh

Location: Tacoma

Service: Very friendly, but not very attentive. They look to be very understaffed for how busy they are.

Corned beef Price: $11.99

Coffee Price: $2.50

Other notables: Southern soul food, with a modern restaurant interior. Highly recommended. pacific southern1



Rainbow Cafe

Corned Beef Hash: meh. Fine shredded beef, chunks potatoes, appears to be made in house but with no discernible seasoning, no onions or peppers, just beef and potatoes, it is bland and uninspired. Not bad just not very good.

Rest of the food: meh, typical diner fare.

Coffee: meh

Location: Downtown Auburn

Service: Good, very friendly and personable.

Corned beef Price: $10.59

Coffee Price: $2

Other notables:

Main business seems to be a bar. Regulars drinking and cussing loud at bar at 8:00 am. TV and Juke box going.

Diner food with a dive bar vibe. It does look to have a second entrance which looks to be more restaurant than bar that I did not see when coming in. Nothing would keep me from going back but it was nothing special. rainbow cafe